Work with an outsourced bookkeeper – free up hours each month

An outsourced bookkeeper could be a game-changer for your business. Do you or one of your team spend hours adding receipts to your finance system, creating invoices and trying to reconcile your bank accounts?

If so, this is unlikely to be the most productive use of your time.

Especially if you are grappling with software and accounting processes that you don’t fully understand – everything takes too long.

So, why not consider using a qualified, professional bookkeeper who can help you keep on top of your business finances. Packages start from just a few hours a month.

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An outsourced bookkeeper will save you time and money

Let’s face it, most business owners don’t enjoy managing their accounting and bookkeeping. Do you find it tedious, time-consuming and frustrating?

Do you feel like pulling your hair out when you can’t get your accounts to reconcile?

An experienced bookkeeper can take away your pain by:

  • Implementing a repeatable, simple process for creating customer invoices 
  • Manage credit control and cashflow so you never have to wonder if you have enough funds in your bank account to pay your bills
  • Use online software efficiently to reduce the time you need to spend on creating and storing back up paperwork
  • Prepare your accounts at month and year end, highlighting the focus areas for the upcoming period.
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Why work with us?

We love numbers, but more importantly, we love puzzles. Working out how things fit together to help you improve your productivity and profitability is where we get our joy.

We can help you keep or regain the joy of working in your business. Hand off the finances to us and the tasks that sap your energy and skip away happily to do all the things you truly love. Whether that’s making your products, delivering your services or looking after the customer relationship, you can focus on what you do well and let us get on with what we do well. That’s a win!

Queen Accountancy can provide an outsourced bookkeeper service for just a few hours a month to help you with your data entry or if you are a bigger business, we can work with you for a day or two a week.

I have worked with Helen in a professional capacity over the last 6 months and I can honestly say she has truly impressed me. What instantly struck me was her modern approach, her know-how in challenging situations whilst always full of enthusiasm.

She would be an absolute asset to any business structure. She has a great ‘can do’ attitude and I have personally witnessed her going the extra mile time and time again.

I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and I feel privileged to work together with her in the future.

David Mercado
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What to expect from the outsourced bookkeeper service from Queen Accountancy:

  • Scanning and entering receipt information into your finance system
  • Creating, sending and chasing customer invoices
  • Managing petty cash
  • Bank account reconciliation – weekly or monthly as desired
  • Payment run management
  • Monthly accounts preparation
Getting an outsourced bookkeeper on your team is the smart, value-for-money way to get your business finances into shape so that you have time to work on business development and keep your employees happy.
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