All businesses, no matter their size, need timely, accurate and insightful financial information to thrive. When you work with Queen Accountancy, you’ll quickly see the impact of having relevant data, charts and commentary to help you get to grips with your numbers.

  • You didn’t go into business to spend hours poring over expense spreadsheets.
  • You didn’t go into business to get frustrated when your bank balance won’t reconcile.
  • And you certainly didn’t go into business to have customers who won’t pay their
    overdue invoices.

When your finances aren’t well controlled, it can leave you feeling worried and anxious about your business. And that can spill over into other areas of your life.

Queen Accountancy solution

Queen Accountancy – helping your finances flow

Small and medium sized businesses need great financial control if they are to reach their potential. It’s not just corporates that benefit from detailed management reporting delivered via slick online tools.

You can have that too. 

Are you beginning to feel that you’ve outgrown your current processes, systems or accountancy practice?

If you want to move your business to the next level, you need a finance function that provides in-depth analysis alongside the regular transaction processing.

More About Queen Accountancy

For your business to flourish, it’s vital to get the fundamentals right early on. That means keeping a tight rein on all your purchases, including your accountancy costs.

That’s why we offer an affordable service to help you stay on target. That could be as simple as providing online software and training, so you can handle your self-assessment yourself. As your business grows, Queen Accountancy will be on the journey with you. 

Think big
Big dreams mean you need to get down with the detail. You need a finance professional with an open door – one who will answer your emails or reply to your voicemails, and not just at tax year end. Working in partnership with a financial controller produces results; are you ready to hit your targets and grow your business?

Trusted Service

You build a long-term relationship with your GP, your dentist, even your optician. Why? Because you need to trust those people with your health. The same applies to the health of your business.

 Queen Accountancy will look after your business numbers, so you don’t lose sleep at night. When your business is in good hands, so are you.

I have worked with Helen for 18 months now and always find her very self-motivated and driven. She provides information accurately and promptly before deadlines and I have been very impressed about how proactive she is in managing the business; we have built a good relationship very quickly because of her openness and approachability.

Laura Lee, Commercial Manager, HSBC

Coming from an engineering background, we didn’t know much about setting up and running a limited company – we had always just worked for others. Helen helped us set up and navigate the process right from the start and without doubt is knowledgeable, thorough and patient. Using FreeAgent, she now takes care of the financial side of the business, allowing us to concentrate on developing business.

Kevin Paterson, Subsea Corrosion
Lets Talk About Your Business

Proactive, knowledgeable, friendly

When you work with Queen Accountancy, you’ll learn that we don’t talk in riddles – everything is clearly explained to you in plain English, so you fully understand your financial position. 

  • You’ll get a proactive partner who identifies the problem areas and offers solutions to avoid costly errors
  • You’ll get a partner that helps you navigate the twists and turns of running a business without missing a beat
  • You’ll get a friendly face when times are challenging and someone who’ll cheer when there’s something to celebrate


Our services are a bit different from many accountants – of course, we offer bookkeeping, financial accounting and year end accounts preparation; all the standard tasks you would expect. However, at Queen Accountancy, you’ll get an accounting detective who digs deep into your numbers, pulling out the important information each month to help you achieve more.



Using expense capture apps and online accounting software, let’s make the shoebox full of receipts a thing of the past for your business.

Online Accounting Services


Queen Accountancy gives you flexibility – We won’t tie you down to our way of doing things but if you’re keen to grow then we can support you. Shoehorning you into standard processes and systems isn’t our style. We work for you, not the other way around.

Financial Controlling Services


Include monthly management accounting, budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis.

If you feel like your accountant isn’t providing the detailed service you need and it’s time to move to the next level in your business, get in touch today.

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