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Starting a new business is part exciting, part terrifying. You don’t know what you don’t know, so that’s why it’s so useful to get some help early on.

Growing your business can be all-consuming.  As a sole trader or micro business owner you must wear many or all the hats until you can afford to employ staff.

There’s a stage in-between that many business owners often overlook. You can get part-time help with your admin, marketing or finances and bring in freelancers to work alongside you. When it comes to understanding your business numbers, outsourced accountancy services offer the best value for your investment whilst you are still not quite big enough to employ your own Finance Director or Financial Controller.

We are here to help you get under the bonnet of your business and really understand what drives your profitability, how to improve your cashflow, where to find new funding sources and all sorts of other useful information to help your business grow.

When you are choosing to work with an outsourced accountancy services provider, you don’t need to know all the ins and out of our backstory to decide whether we are the right team for you. 

You need to know how we can help you to achieve your business goals.

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So, what makes us good at what we do?


Seeing the big picture, making the links and analysing the detail are all quite different skills. Many business owners find dealing with finances tricky; they might be good at one or two of these skills but if numbers aren’t your passion, then it’s easy to lose track of what’s really happening.  We’ll help you see your business finances from all angles.


You might be the most brilliant financial mind but if you aren’t able to interpret and more importantly explain the numbers to your client, then you won’t be able to provide a service that help the client understand the full picture. Our aim is to ensure our clients understand every line of their financial statements so they can make better business decisions.


Our 25-year background in Financial Control and Finance Director positions in a wide variety of companies means we can draw on our long experience and finance knowledge to help you run your business more successfully. Smaller businesses can’t always afford to hire a full-time Financial Controller to keep their finances under control, so outsourcing is the answer.

Coming from an engineering background, we didn’t know much about setting up and running a limited company – we had always just worked for others. Helen helped us set up and navigate the process right from the start and without doubt is knowledgeable, thorough and patient. Using FreeAgent, she now takes care of the financial side of the business, allowing us to concentrate on developing business and fulfilling our technical obligations. Without doubt Helen is invaluable to the success of the business.

Kevin Paterson, Subsea Corrosion

Benefits of outsourced accountancy services from Queen Accountancy

  • Get a regular focus on your key performance indicators
  • Only pay for what you need, with flexibility to increase support as you grow
  • Cost-effective way to get highly qualified advice without a high price tag
  • No hiring costs such as agency fees or advertising
  • No long-term employee costs such as salary, bonus, pension and benefits.

Let’s talk about how we’ll work together

As your Finance Director or Financial Controller, it’s our job to oversee all aspect of your business finances. That means we’ll look after everything from bookkeeping – inputting expenses and creating invoices through to preparing your year-end accounts.

However, with Queen Accountancy, our services go much further than getting the basic numbers right. Management accountancy is the differentiator when it comes to providing useful information that moves a business forward. Each month, you’ll receive reporting of actuals against budgets, explanation of variances and helpful, timely re-forecasts so you’ll always know where things stand.

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